It’s difficult lớn find a VPN you can trust to lớn protect your Android. There are hundreds of fake VPN apps on the Google Play Store that can harm your game android with malware.

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In addition, you can"t depend on most of them lớn protect you the way they claim.

My team & I tested over 100 android VPNs to lớn find the safest ones that offer full protection. We also tested each to lớn ensure they have great speeds, top-notch security features, và reliable global networks. Plus, each VPN on this danh mục is incredibly user-friendly & works great for streaming on your Android.

My đứng đầu recommendation for app android is ExpressVPN. It"s super-fast, with military-grade security features, và thousands of powerful servers that bypass the toughest geoblocks. It’s also compatible with all major operating systems và comes with a money-back guarantee. That means you can demo out all of ExpressVPN’s features on your android completely risk-free. If you’re not happy with it, you have 30 days to claim a full refund.

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Short on Time? Here Are the Best VPNs for app android in 2022

Plus 5 more great VPNs for Android!

The Best VPNs for android – Full Analysis (Updated May)

1. ExpressVPN — Ultra-Secure game android App With Superfast Speeds for Streaming

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Military-grade encryption, a strict no-logs policy, và an automatic kill switch protects the personal information on your AndroidSuperfast speeds for uninterrupted streaming, gaming, torrenting, and browsing with your android device3,000+ servers in 94 countries to access content from around the world5 simultaneous device connections30-day money-back guaranteeUnblocks: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, bbc iPlayer, Vudu, YouTube TV, and moreCompatible with: Version 5.0 and upAlso work with: Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, và more
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ExpressVPN’s apk app offers world class security khổng lồ keep you safe online. With military-grade 256-bit encryption coupled with perfect forward secrecy, your online activity is essentially impossible khổng lồ read. Even if the encryption key was discovered, it wouldn’t work lớn decrypt anything because it’s changed regularly.

I especially liked that its automatic kill switch warned me that it suspended my mạng internet while the VPN was disconnected. These security features allow you lớn browse on your android with the confidence of a safe connection.

ExpressVPN’s android app offers multiple security protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, và its own Lightway protocol. Lightway was designed for use on mobile devices, so it works great on Android. You can switch networks without the VPN disconnecting, and it’s lightweight, which is great for battery life. With the Lightway protocol, it never took me more than a second khổng lồ connect to a server.

Connecting to lớn ExpressVPN with your game android keeps your online activity anonymous as well. It adheres to an audited & verified no-logs policy — that means none of your data is stored. You’re also protected with IP & DNS leak protection, so your real location is hidden. I tested 15 of its servers for leaks and found none whatsoever.

When I used the Tampa server, my real IP address was completely hidden

It’s also one of the fastest VPNs I’ve ever used on my Android. I tested speeds using both local & long-distance servers and had an average tải về speed of 49 Mbps. That was only a 3% drop in tốc độ from my base connection, which is impressive. Servers far away from your actual location tend to lớn be slower since your data has lớn travel farther. But even on the Tokyo server (which is 13,000 km away from me), I only had a 9% drop in speed. This didn’t have any effect on my online activities. With its reliable, superfast speeds, you won’t have to khuyến mãi with annoying lag or buffering on your phone.

Brazil and Mexico weren’t much slower than this — I didn’t notice any effect on my connection

These impressive speeds are also great for streaming in UltraHD on your Android. You only need 5 Mbps for HD streaming và 25 Mbps for UltraHD. Even on the Tokyo server my speed was 45 Mbps. I was able lớn watch Spirited Away in UltraHD on Netflix japan with no buffering.

Additionally, ExpressVPN"s 3,000 servers in 94 countries let you access global streaming nội dung on your app android wherever you are. I accessed more than 15 Netflix libraries on my phone, including nội dung from the US, the UK, Australia, và Japan. What"s more, there wasn’t a popular streaming platform I couldn’t unblock. ExpressVPN let me load videos from Disney+, Hulu, đài truyền hình bbc iPlayer, & Amazon Prime đoạn clip in under a minute every time.

You can also download torrents really fast. I wanted to lớn see how quickly I could download some large torrent files on my Android. So I found Night of the Living Dead và used uTorrent to tải về the 700 MB file. It only took 12 minutes, so you can stay safe while torrenting on your android without slowdowns.

One of the best things about ExpressVPN’s android app is that it’s so easy to use và install. It’s also available for apk TV and Amazon Fire devices. Once I installed it, I could connect khổng lồ the fastest hệ thống based on my location in just one click. The settings thực đơn is laid out intuitively, so you can customize it the way you want. I particularly liked the split tunneling feature, which lets you choose which websites are protected by the VPN và which remain local.

I also found it easy to lớn save and organize my favorite servers

You can also tải về an android file from its website & install it manually on your game android device. I found this method easier when I was installing the phầm mềm on my app android TV. Just keep in mind that you will have lớn sign up for your subscription on ExpressVPN’s trang web first. Whichever way you choose to tải về the app, you’ll be able lớn set up all your app android (and non-Android) devices in no time.

The cheapest plan starts at $6.67/month, which is a bit more expensive than other VPNs. However, I found that ExpressVPN often offers coupons with big discounts, so you can save a bit to make it more affordable.

If you’re not convinced, ExpressVPN also comes with a money-back guarantee on all plans, which allows you to chạy thử the service on your apk (and other devices) before you commit to a subscription. If you’re not happy with it you have 30 days khổng lồ claim a full refund. I tested this after using the service for 24 days and contacted support over 24/7 live chat. The rep wasn’t pushy and I only had to answer a couple of quick questions about my experience. After 2 minutes, my refund was approved và I had my money back in 3 days.

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2. CyberGhost — Specialty Servers and User-Friendly apk App For Uncomplicated Protection

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Optimized servers for smooth streaming & torrenting on your AndroidEasy-to-use game android app lớn keep your data safe without hassleMilitary-grade encryption, a strict no-logs policy, và a built-in kill switch for ultimate protection on your Android8,006+ servers in 91 countries lớn access your favorite nội dung on your Android, even when you travelLightning-fast speeds for lag-free browsing, gaming, and streaming45-day money-back guaranteeUnblocks: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, bbc iPlayer, Vudu, and moreCompatible with: Version 5.0 & upAlso works with: Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, & more
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CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs for streaming on your Android. It works with just about every platform. There’s also optimized servers for specific sites, lượt thích Netflix, Spotify, and HBO Max. The specialty servers make it harder for streaming sites khổng lồ ban IPs by randomly shuffling them each time someone connects.

Its servers are also super fast. I tested 14 of its streaming optimized servers, including the Netflix US one — it worked 12% faster on average than non-optimized locations. I watched 2 entire episodes of Shadow và Bone and didn’t encounter any buffering. Next, I tested it with bbc iPlayer & Disney+; both worked just as well. You"ll get uninterrupted nội dung on your Android, wherever you go.

Downloading và navigating the game android app is straightforward, making it a great option if you’re new khổng lồ VPNs. It only took me a few minutes to lớn sign up & install. Lớn connect, you can use its one-click feature or select a location from the vps list.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer an game android file lượt thích ExpressVPN, but you can easily get it from the Google Play store.

I found out you can tap the star icon khổng lồ save your favorite hệ thống for quick access in the future

Its split tunneling feature allows you khổng lồ choose which sites it protects in the VPN tunnel & which stay local. On đứng đầu of this, it offers a built-in ad and malware blocker that you can easily enable within the apk app. I found this feature in the app"s privacy settings and turned it on with just one tap.

You can be confident your data will be kept private since CyberGhost follows a strict no-logs policy. In addition, it offers NoSpy servers which are located in Romania, outside of the 5 and 14 Eyes jurisdictions. Since they are owned, operated, & accessed only by CyberGhost employees, NoSpy servers showroom extra protection by preventing third-party meddling.

It also keeps your information safe with 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and IP/DNS leak protection. These features ensure that your data isn"t accidentally exposed, even on an unstable WiFi connection. Just to lớn be sure, I tested it for leaks with an independent tool; it didn’t detect any.

You can choose between 2 security protocol options for Android: OpenVPN or Wireguard. OpenVPN is highly secure because it"s mở cửa source — this means, it"s continuously being analyzed for vulnerabilities and improved upon. That’s why I recommend using it for maximum security. You can also choose the slightly faster (but still secure) WireGuard protocol in the app"s privacy settings. These top-notch security features ensure your game android will be well protected.

It also has superfast connection speeds when you use nearby servers. The locations closer khổng lồ me (Brazil và Miami) produced speeds no lower than 28 Mbps. When I tested it in the UK, it dropped lớn 18 Mbps, but the distant servers were still fast enough for me khổng lồ browse without long load times. Its fast speeds held up well for torrenting too; I downloaded a 1.5GB tệp tin in 22 minutes. You can browse, stream, & play games on your game android without interruptions.

One downfall is that CyberGhost doesn’t work consistently in a number of countries with strict censorship. This includes the UAE, China, North Korea, và some Middle Eastern countries. However, this may or may not affect you, depending on your travel plans or country of residence.

Subscriptions to CyberGhost are budget-friendly, offering higher discounts for long-term subscriptions. You can get a long-term plan for just $2.29/month. However, CyberGhost’s short-term plans are some of the most expensive I’ve seen (and they only come with a 14-day money-back guarantee).

I recommend opting for a plan that’s at least 6 months. That way you can try CyberGhost out for không lấy phí using its 45-day money-back guarantee. I tested it for 34 days before asking for my refund. To lớn make my request, I used the live chat option — the agent asked me a few questions then approved the return. After 4 days, I had my money back.

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3. IPVanish — Superfast With a Customizable app android App to Balance Speeds và Security

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Lightning-fast speeds lớn browse & stream on your apk with no bufferingIntuitive android app with customizable features lớn give you the protection you needMilitary-grade encryption, a kill switch, and leak protection to keep you safe while you use your Android2,000+ servers in 75 countries to lớn enjoy global streaming platforms and sites on your Android30-day money-back guaranteeUnlimited simultaneous device connectionsUnblocks: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, đài truyền hình bbc iPlayer, and moreCompatible with: Version 5.1 & upAlso works with: Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, và more
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IPVanish offers incredibly fast speeds. I tested 6 locations worldwide, including one in my location (Costa Rica) — plus Australia, Japan, Italy, the UK, Brazil, and the US. The fastest hệ thống I recorded was the one in my country, giving me 32 Mbps. Even the most distant hệ thống I tested (Japan) was 15 Mbps, 3 times what you need lớn stream in HD. You won"t have to giảm giá with long loading times or buffering while connected on your Android.

The app android app is highly intuitive, providing you with information và flexibility khổng lồ customize your experience. It displays each server"s ping and load percentage (how crowded it is), so you"ll know which connection is the fastest available. I found its Quick Connect feature helpful; it automatically selects the fastest hệ thống for your location.

On đứng đầu of this, it offers split tunneling so you can choose which sites get routed through the VPN & which don’t. There’s even a port selection option — this is helpful if your ISP throttles or blocks the connection on your Android. If you suspect this, you can simply switch ports khổng lồ improve speeds.

You can also customize the level of protection you want for your Android. The protocols it offers include Wireguard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, and IPSEC. I also found the WiFi protection especially useful. Any time I entered an unsecured network, IPVanish notified me and protected my traffic automatically.

For a faster connection, I looked for a hệ thống with a low load percentage (below 75)

It uses top-notch security and privacy features to lớn protect you while you’re using your Android. Perfect Forward Secrecy is combined with 256-bit encryption khổng lồ keep all of your data hidden. Additionally, IP và DNS leak protection ensures that your information doesn"t accidentally get exposed. Lớn make sure you can rely on this, I checked with a leak detecting tool — I didn"t find any IP/DNS leaks.

Scramble is an obfuscation feature that hides your VPN use. This is useful if you visit locations that phối limitations on their WiFi networks (like libraries or workplaces). To kiểm tra it, I blocked Facebook on my router, but could still access it with Scramble. This lets you browse freely on your Android, even on restrictive networks.

IPVanish gives you Unlimited simultaneous device connections, which is much more than most VPNs. Plus, it works with virtually every game android device. I tested it out by connecting my phone, laptop, Fire Stick, and tablet at the same time. I didn’t experience any slowdown while I navigated on my phone’s browser. This way, you can keep all of your app android devices protected.

The IPVanish trang web offers an android file in case you want khổng lồ avoid using Google Play. The site also gives detailed instructions on how khổng lồ download, install, và customize app settings, such as the kill switch. You"ll have no problem downloading và setting it up on your Android.

It works with some of the most popular streaming sites, too. I could access Disney+, Netflix US, and HBO Max (but not Hulu or bbc iPlayer) with the Miami server. It even has an ứng dụng for Kodi, which many VPNs don’t offer. You"ll get access to lớn tons of content to watch on your Android.

One negative is that IPVanish is based in the US., which is part of the 14 Eyes Alliance. However, its verified, strict no-logs policy means it won"t have anything to nội dung even if the government asked for your data.

You can get an IPVanish subscription for just $3.99/month, which makes it a pretty affordable option. The plans get more expensive the shorter your subscription period, so if you’re only looking khổng lồ sign up for a month, it’s not the cheapest option.

However, if you sign up for at least a year, you can thử nghiệm IPVanish out before committing to lớn a subscription using its 30 days with its money-back guarantee. I tested this policy after using the VPN for 3 weeks. All I had to vì was log in khổng lồ my customer account & submit a request for a refund. I didn’t even have to lớn speak with an agent or provide a reason. Within 30 minutes, I received an e-mail that my money was on the way; it was back in my trương mục after 4 days.

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4. Private mạng internet Access — Customizable & Fast lớn Keep Your apk Running Smoothly

Private mạng internet Access (PIA) lets you choose how you protect your Android. You can switch khổng lồ 128-bit encryption to lớn boost speeds with basic security, which is especially useful for torrenting. However, I advise using the 256-bit mode for maximum protection. This option is easy to lớn find in PIA’s settings under “Connection Preferences”.

Your data is kept safe with a combination of security and privacy features. This includes a kill switch and DNS/IP leak protection. I was relieved to lớn find out you can rely on this when I tested PIA with a leak detector; it passed with zero leaks. On đứng top of this, it adheres to a strict no-logs policy, which was proven in 2 court cases.

OpenVPN protects your app android by default, but WireGuard is also available.

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It"s highly secure and also gives you alternative port options, which helped whenever I encountered a connection issue. Otherwise, you can use the WireGuard protocol, which is optimized for speed và security. In any case, you"ll be able lớn use your apk safely và anonymously.

It has lightning-fast servers, so PIA is a great option for streaming, gaming, & torrenting. I tested this by using its new york server to tải về Night of the Living Dead (again) from Legit Torrents. It only took 26 minutes lớn finish & my average speeds were only 16% slower than my base connection. With speeds lượt thích these, you can use your android without interruption.

The apk app is easy to download from the Google Play store. However, you don"t get the built-in ad & malware blocker (PIA MACE) if you download it from there. I was happy to see that the MACE blocker is included if you tải về the game android file from PIA"s site — it"s just as easy lớn install it that way.

One small bé I noted is that PIA didn"t work consistently with Netflix or Hulu. I had no issue accessing Netflix Germany và the US library. However, when I tested it in Brazil và Mexico, I was blocked. For this reason, I’d suggest ExpressVPN or CyberGhost if you want to stream Netflix on your Android. On the other hand, PIA worked great with HBO Max and bbc iPlayer, so you"ll still get access khổng lồ tons of content.

PIA gives you flexible payment options and better giao dịch with long-term subscriptions. For instance, if you commit to a 2-year plan, you can get PIA for as little as $2.19/month. It accepts most payment forms, including BEAM — a form of confidential cryptocurrency.

You can also try Private internet Access out on your app android first using its 30day money-back guarantee. I tested this after 23 days by contacting a live customer service representative. We had a 4-minute chat before my refund was approved; I received my money in 5 days.

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5. PrivateVPN — Reliable & Fast for Uninterrupted Streaming on Your Android

PrivateVPN lets you watch the most popular streaming platforms on your apk device with ease. It worked with every streaming service I tried it with. I was able to lớn watch Fatherhood on Netflix US without any loading times or buffering. It even lets you label the best servers for streaming, so you’ll be able to lớn stream with no issues.

What also makes it great for streaming on your Android, are its consistent speeds. I tested 5 servers (Australia, Switzerland, the US, India, & Japan), and my average rate was 21.17 Mbps. It also offers port forwarding as a configuration option lớn help increase speeds. You"ll always have fast và reliable access to nội dung on your Android.

StealthVPN masks your VPN use, allowing you khổng lồ use it on restrictive networks. This even allows you to lớn use your VPN on your game android in trung quốc and the UAE. I contacted PrivateVPN’s live customer support to make sure this is true; within 1 minute, the agent confirmed that it works in these countries.

It uses industry-standard security features to protect all of your android traffic. This includes 256-bit encryption, an Android-dedicated kill switch, & DNS/IP leak protection. I decided to test this with a leak detecting tool, and it passed with no leaks found. Plus, you can choose your preferred security protocol. It offers OpenVPN with UDP/TCP, L2TP, IPsec, PPTP, and IKEv2. All these security features make sure you’ll always be safe from the threat of cyberattacks.

PrivateVPN is an excellent service for torrenting on Android since it supports P2P on all of its servers. On vị trí cao nhất of this, the service purchases bandwidth directly from đứng top IP transit providers, giving you maximum download speeds. This let me torrent a 2.62 GB tệp tin in only 16 minutes! So, you’ll be able to giới thiệu and download files at top speeds.

Unfortunately, the live chat isn’t available 24/7, so you should keep this in mind if you have any questions or concerns. However, during the hours of operation, the agents are very quick to lớn respond & provide helpful, friendly support.

PrivateVPN is an affordable option, allowing you to subscribe for as little as $2/month. The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper your plan will be. But even the short-term plans are pretty affordable compared to many other VPNs.

PrivateVPN also comes with a hassle-free money-back guarantee. So, if you"re not completely satisfied with it after testing it on your Android, you can claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase. When I finished testing (after 24 days), I requested my refund by filling out a short contact form that included my reason for canceling. Within a few hours, I received an thư điện tử saying that my return had been approved and was on the way. I got my refund 6 days later.

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6. VyprVPN — Owns Its Servers for Added Privacy & Security on Your Android

Highest level of encryption, a kill switch, và DNS/IP leak protection keep your data safe while using your AndroidHigh-speed servers let you browse, stream, game, và torrent on your android without interruptions700 servers in 70 countries allow you to lớn access nội dung on your android from any location5 simultaneous device connections30-day money-back guaranteeUnblocks: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, bbc iPlayer, Hulu, YouTube TV, & moreCompatible with: Version 5.0 và upAlso works with: iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and more

VyprVPN offers you a rare security benefit — it owns its server network. Most services rent their servers which adds a third party, leaving room for a (rare, but possible) security breach. I love this chất lượng feature because it adds an extra layer of trust khổng lồ the service, so you can feel confident your Android & personal data is well protected.

It gives you access to lớn its Chameleon protocol, which hides your VPN use. This disguises your traffic, so it works in countries like trung quốc and Turkey — I even verified this with a live agent. Usually, obfuscation (or scrambling) slows down your connection, but this didn’t happen when I tested Chameleon.

You can easily activate public WiFi protection và its Block Malicious Sites feature with VyprVPN’s intuitive app. I found Block Malicious Sites quality — it protects your app android in case you accidentally encounter a giả site intended lớn steal your data or infect your device.

The android app is intuitive & can be customized to fit your needs. One feature I found useful is split tunneling. I tested this out by excluding Expedia from the VPN tunnel. When I visited the site, it loaded in my region so that I could access local flight deals.

One minor negative is that speeds slow down at long distances. Far away servers, lượt thích Spain, gave me around 12 Mbps. However, servers close to lớn me lượt thích Miami và Brazil, gave me fast average speeds (44 Mbps). Fortunately, with so many servers spaced around the globe, you’re sure lớn find a close location with a fast connection.

VyprVPN offers great value at $8.33/month. When I signed up, I even got 6 months added to lớn my plan, so this is a budget-friendly VPN.

You can also chạy thử VyprVPN out first to see if it"s for you because it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. I tested the policy myself and it was hassle-free. You can request a refund via thư điện tử or 24/7 live chat (like I did). It only took 7 days before I had my money back.

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7. HMA — Specialty Servers for Fast Streaming & Torrenting on Android

Hide My Ass (HMA) offers you tons of streaming & P2P-optimized servers. I decided to chạy thử its Netflix US server, and there was no buffering or loading times like I got with the Phoenix (non-optimized) server. You"ll have quick & easy access to content on your Android.

Your online activity is kept anonymous when connected khổng lồ HMA on your Android. It offers leak protection, a kill switch, và IP shuffling. I tested the IP shuffling feature & set it lớn activate every 30 minutes. Afterwards, I noticed the ứng dụng connecting my app android to a new IP address every half hour. This is a great feature lớn help keep your data safe from prying eyes. I also really liked its WiFi Threat scan feature, which will send you a notification if you connect to an untrusted network or a hacking attempt is detected (even if you don"t have the VPN running).

The android app is super easy khổng lồ download, mix up, and navigate. It only took a few minutes for me to download and install it. The Lightning Connect feature will instantly give you the fastest server available. You can manage most security features (like IP shuffle) just as easily in the settings. Protecting your app android is hassle-free.

You get good speeds when you connect app android to nearby servers. I tested a few US locations (Phoenix, LA, Chicago), & my base speed only decreased by 8% at most. However, the distant servers, nhật bản and Egypt, gave me an 85% decrease (7 Mbps). That being said, its network is extensive & includes servers optimized for speed so you can always find a fast connection.

One downfall to lớn consider is that HMA keeps partial logs. This includes your connection times, duration, and bandwidth usage. On the other hand, HMA explains that this is simply for diagnostic purposes, và it never logs any identifiable data from its users. Other VPNs like ExpressVPN don’t need khổng lồ store this data, so keep this in mind if you’re concerned about privacy.

You can get a subscription lớn HMA for $2.99/month. The price goes up if you want more simultaneous device connections or if you want a shorter subscription plan.

If you’re not convinced, you can try HMA on your game android for up khổng lồ 30 days & claim a refund if you"re not happy with it. When I tested this money-back guarantee policy, I had no problem getting my refund. I just filled out a contact form, and an agent emailed me the same day khổng lồ say it was approved. After 7 days, I got the money back.

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8. ProtonVPN — Privacy-Focused to lớn Keep Your Online android Use Anonymous

Highly reputable Swiss-based company with a strict no-logs policy to ensure your privacy is protected on your AndroidUses 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and DNS/IP leak protection to lớn keep the data on your app android secure1,745 servers in 63 countries lớn enjoy your favorite nội dung on Android, wherever you go10 simultaneous device connections30-day money-back guaranteeUnblocks: Netflix, HBO Max, đài truyền hình bbc iPlayer, Hulu, YouTube TV, và moreCompatible with: Version 5.0 and upAlso works with: iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and more

If it’s undeniable privacy protection you seek for your Android, ProtonVPN is for you. One of its founders also created ProtonMail, a không tính tiền and encrypted e-mail platform. On top of this, Proton has been actively advocating for the protection of mạng internet freedom for years. The company even campaigned khổng lồ prevent restrictive laws in its home base of Switzerland.

I got good speeds on my game android with the paid subscription; however, its không tính phí plan is noticeably slower. I ran tests on 3 không lấy phí server locations: Japan, the Netherlands, và the US. Each displayed a load percentage of 96-98% full, and my speeds were only 2 Mbps.

When I tested the paid vps in Dallas, it was much faster (44 Mbps) & had a load percentage of only 49%. Out of its subscription tiers, I recommend getting its Plus plan which lets you connect 10 devices & use all its optimized servers.

I was surprised to see that ProtonVPN doesn’t offer live chat support. The only way to lớn submit an inquiry is by email or a support ticket. However, this wasn’t a significant issue for me. When I submitted a ticket with a question, it took less than 24 hours before an agent responded with a helpful answer.

Even though ProtonVPN offers a không tính tiền plan, I don’t recommend it because it was too slow lớn even browse on my Android. Luckily it’s not too expensive lớn upgrade khổng lồ a paid plan — you can sign up for just $6.63/month. This is the most basic paid plan, so if you want a full-featured version, you’ll have khổng lồ pay more.

In addition, when you subscribe directly through its website, you can try ProtonVPN’s paid plans out first because it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unlike most VPNs’ money-back guarantees, ProtonVPN will only refund your money based on the remaining days of your subscription. However, this policy is still reliable. When I tested it, I got my money back, but it took almost 2 weeks to lớn arrive.

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9. TunnelBear — User-Friendly apk App Makes Staying Safe Online Easy

It’s also a good option for streaming on game android (but it’s not great for torrenting). Only some of its servers support torrenting, & there are no P2P specialized servers. However, it let me unblock Netflix US, HBO Max, and Hulu; unfortunately, I couldn’t unlock Disney+. Overall, it works with most streaming platforms and gives you a stable connection.

You get pretty consistent speeds with TunnelBear. First, I tested a few nearby servers in Miami, Brazil, và Costa Rica. I found an average speed of 28.73 Mbps. Long distance servers gave me an average of 24.21 Mbps, which impressed me. This means you can stream, game, and torrent on your apk with minimal lag.

It offers you 3 different plans to lớn choose from — including a miễn phí one. The không lấy phí plan is full-featured but capped at 500 MB of data per month. This is a great option for testing the VPN with your Android, as long as you don’t use much data.

What I found most disappointing is that TunnelBear doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee. So you’ll be stuck using the limited không tính tiền version if you want to try it before committing to lớn a subscription. However, it does offer affordable prices & you can sign up for just $3.33/month.

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10. — Private DNS Servers Keep Your app android Secure

This apk VPN keeps your personal information safe since it uses Private DNS on all of its servers. DNS is a chất lượng code sent out from your device each time you access websites, which can allow advertisers, hackers, and governments to spy on your data. With PrivateDNS, you get an extra layer of protection on đứng đầu of encryption so that cybercriminals won’t be able to track you.

Your online activity is kept secure and anonymous on your android because adheres lớn a no-logs policy. It also offers leak protection and an automatic kill switch. During my tests, I used a tool to chạy thử for DNS/IP leaks — to lớn my relief, it didn’t find any.

You can use with just about any streaming platform. I tested it with Netflix (US & Japan), HBO Max, Hulu, bbc iPlayer, và DAZN. I had no problem accessing my accounts, and I didn’t encounter any buffering. It also performed really well when I tried it with Call of Duty: thiết bị di động — I didn"t experience any long loading times or lag when connected lớn local servers. You can enjoy your favorite content from any location.

Its miễn phí plan isn’t bad, but I still recommend the paid subscription. With the free version, you won’t get bombarded with the annoying ads you find on most không tính tiền VPNs — plus, you get access to lớn customer support, all of its security protocols, and 10 GB per month. However, you are limited to 5 vps locations and 1 device connection. I also couldn’t access Netflix or Disney+ on free servers, which are easy to lớn unblock with the paid plan. So, the free plan is a decent way to demo it out before you buy.

The only con I found with is that its short-term plans are quite expensive. If you’re looking for a short-term subscription, IPVanish has better prices. However, if you want a VPN for the long-term you can get for $2.59/month.

The upside is that you can try it out for 30 days with its money-back guarantee for all plans. When I tested it, all I had to vì was write an thư điện tử to request my refund. There were no questions asked. I was approved for the return within 24 hours. The next week, I got the money back in my account.

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Quick Comparison Table: android VPN Features

Lowest PriceAverage SpeedSimultaneous device connectionsAPK FileGood for StreamingMoney-backGuarantee

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