If you use both Apple & Windows-based devices, then your life can become a lot easier if you use apple iCloud. You can sync your photos & manage your storage from your PC and your thiết bị di động device on the go.

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iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service for backing up relevant data & syncing it between devices. While it is provided as a built-in tiện ích on all the Apple-based devices.

You can also use Apple-designed apps like the iWork suite (Apple Pages, Keynote Presentation, and Apple Numbers) with the help of iCloud. You’ll need an iCloud account for this to work. You vì chưng not have lớn own a Mac or any apple device khổng lồ use iCloud and Pages as it is also accessible on Windows PCs. If you are using a separate windows PC or using Windows OS on a Macintosh with the help of Bootcamp, iCloud will work in all these scenarios.

Part 1. Where to download iCloud for Windows?

What is Cloud storage technology?

Cloud storage is a mã sản phẩm in which data is maintained, managed, backed up, & made available to lớn users over the internet within a specific capacity. It is helpful not only specific lớn data back-up, but It also allows you to share your files & information with other users. This technology also offers access to lớn the user from anywhere and from whatever device they use. Some of the well-known cloud storage providers are listed below:

1. Google Drive: Offer up khổng lồ 15GB of không tính phí storage space.

2. Táo bị cắn iCloud: Allows 5GB of storage space khổng lồ share & save files.

3. Dropbox: One of the first storage space providers in the world. It only offers up to 2GB of data storage.

4. Microsoft Onedrive: It is built-in in Windows operating system. It gives 5GB of storage space khổng lồ its user, much like Apple’s iCloud.

In this section, we will discuss how to tải về and sync data with iCloud on a Windows PC. There are two possible ways to lớn use iCloud with Windows.

The first method is pretty straightforward; it is lớn access your iCloud tài khoản using your táo khuyết ID from the web browser. The other way is to tải về and install Apple’s iCloud tiện ích for Windows software on your computer.

The difference between these two methods of using iCloud is that you can only access your iCloud data via a browser, but you can not gain access lớn your files on your Windows system. It will not sync with cloud storage. If you want to automatically update your files, photos, documents, and bookmarks from your PC khổng lồ all of your táo apple devices, you’ll want khổng lồ use the iCloud tool for Windows.

The iCloud for Windows operating system can be downloaded from the official website of Apple. It"s also often available alongside the iTunes app. You can check to see if it"s installed by opening the Start Menu và by scrolling through the ứng dụng list. Please follow the step-by-step guide to tải về iCloud for your Windows PC:

Visit the official website of Apple.Click on Download.


Open the executable file that you have downloaded.Accept the terms of services and check the option of Automatically update iCloud for Windows & other hãng apple Software.


Click on Install.The installation process will begin.


Click on Finish.


Click on Yes khổng lồ Restart your Windows PC.


Sign in with your táo bị cắn dở ID và password, create a new account if you bởi not have one already.


You must have access to lớn an hãng apple device before creating a new táo khuyết ID.You will be asked to verify your account; a text message will be sent to lớn your cell phone number.


Once you have logged into your account, you will be asked lớn confirm if you want lớn sync your data for iCloud Drive, Photos, & Bookmarks.Check the option if you want to sync the data or uncheck them lớn prevent the files from syncing with your Windows PC.Click on Apply.

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You can set-up and login to the iCloud at any moment. You can gain access to lớn the tiện ích from the Start menu in the taskbar. You can also pin sạc the ứng dụng to the taskbar of Windows.

Part 2. How khổng lồ Find the New iCloud Folders in file Explorer?

When you install iCloud storage on your computer, & iCloud Drive folder is created in the tệp tin Explorer. Any documents that you"ve stored or backed up in the drive will automatically tải về to the iCloud folder in Windows tệp tin Explorer.

Files that you create on your PC, mainly on the primary volume drive, và save lớn the iCloud folder automatically appear on your other táo bị cắn dở devices.


By following the procedure mentioned above, you can use iCloud like any other thư mục on your Windows PC. It is as easy as Dragging & dropping files & other folders lớn different folders. ICloud establishes its own phối of folders by default. If you have a pre-existing data on your iCloud storage drive, then it will also automatically appear as part of the syncing process. The data will continue khổng lồ sync on your computer as long as it is connected to some network. It will allow you on the go access khổng lồ essential files at any time of the given day.

Do remember lớn pin the iCloud thư mục to the Start menu & the quick access drop-down menu. All you have to vì is right-click on the folder and select pin to lớn start menu & pin khổng lồ Quick Access.


Part 3. How lớn Use iCloud"s Photos On Windows 10?

By default, there is a certain number of folders created whenever you tải về and install iCloud on your Windows PC. You can find those folders in the windows explorer. One of those folders is the iCloud photos folder. You can easily view all the files và photos by opening that folder. It is an excellent way lớn keep your photos in check. The iCloud drive on your system can be used to create the iCloud images back up khổng lồ the PC as well and sync other images saved on different devices.

After launching the iCloud on your PC, you can gain access khổng lồ the photos và manage them by only clicking on Options next khổng lồ Photos. It will let you decide how you want lớn manage your photos on the cloud.


iCloud Photo Library:

Any sort truyền thông media will be saved to lớn the iCloud Photos thư mục on your Windows 10 device automatically when you kiểm tra this option. You will be able to view these files on your táo apple devices & other Windows PC. It will also let you manage your photos accordingly.


My Photo Stream:

This option offers you to tải về your recent pictures from your other linked iCloud devices on your Windows PC. It will also upload the latest photos from the iCloud Photos folder on Windows to iCloud lớn view other synced devices.


Download new truyền thông to my PC:

You can tải về the latest videos & pictures by enabling this specific option. It will automatically tải về relevant media from the iCloud service khổng lồ your PC’S Photos folder. It is particularly useful when you want khổng lồ view the truyền thông of your iPhone on your Windows PC. You can also enable the Upload the media option, which will allow storing data on the computer. You can pick a different thư mục for iCloud photo and đoạn clip syncing by clicking Change to lớn the right of the Download and Upload option.


Your files will be integrated into three categories inside the iCloud folder: Upload, Download, và Shared.


Part 4. How lớn Uninstall iCloud from a Windows PC?

If by chance you have stopped using an táo device, then there is no point in having iCloud on your Windows PC. It is recommended that you opt for another cloud storage provider. Other circumstances include the scarcity of space on your computer. The reasons mentioned above are why users would choose to uninstall or turn off iCloud on Windows.

Follow our step by step guide lớn To turn off iCloud on your computer:

Launch the iCloud tiện ích on your Windows PC.You can disable the syncing of the services that you wish to turn off.You can click on "Sign out" to lớn stop using iCloud on your system.


You can also completely uninstall iCloud from your Windows PC. All the files và folders will be completely wiped out of your computer if you choose lớn opt for this option. Follow the steps below khổng lồ uninstall iCloud:

Click on Control Panel from the Start menu.Beneath the Programs icon, click on Uninstall a program.


Find iCloud from the list.Double-click on the iCloud icon.


Confirm the uninstallation.All the components of iCloud will be removed from the system.

Part 5. How lớn Recover Data lost in the procedure:

iCloud is one of the most popular online cloud service providers many people use for their data syncing, transferring, và backup purposes. It ensures the safety of the files you upload there. It also saves data inside the folder of the local computer host. But sometimes, due to some misfortune, the data can get deleted. What to do if you have deleted your important files. Don"t worry; there are many ways khổng lồ recover permanently deleted files from iCloud.

Method 1: Data Recovery through khanhhoatrip.com by khanhhoatrip.com:

khanhhoatrip.com Data Recovery by khanhhoatrip.com offers an easy solution to lớn the user’s data recovery problem caused by an iCloud mishap or whatever reason. The tool provides state of the art features with high accuracy to ensure a safe data recovery for the user.