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imageThe remaining principal characters are the other hero, a homicide cop played with a slurred Brando drawl by Armand Assante, and the congressman's slippery "right hand," craftily done by Paul Guilfoyle. Both become embroiled in the series of murders that give "Striptease" a semblance of a plot, but no drama, no suspense, no wit. The funniest line is this one, from Moore: "How'd I get so popular?".

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Male masturbator While the practice of studying singers and their contributions to opera has thrived over the past twenty years, the castrato has remained elusive. Notable works by Roger Freitas, Anne Desler, Thomas McGeary, and others have resurrected particular castrati from historical limbo, and a couple of films have offered both fictional and cheap fleshlight historical perspectives on the phenomenon (for example, Grard Corbiau's Farinelli from 1994 or BBC 4's fabulous 2008 documentary, Castrato). 1 Yet most music students learn very little about these special singers in their music history classes, often only that castrati possessed high voices over which they had extraordinary virtuosic control. Male masturbator

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