GCam is the best app android camera app. But it isn"t just for pixel phones, you can get it on almost any apk device.

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When it comes to điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh photography, even the most casual observer will have noticed a recurring theme: software is really important. The established leader in this area is the Google Camera app designed for px phones.

Thanks lớn Android"s modding community Google Camera is now much more widely available. Poised lớn take advantage of every bit of your camera’s capability, the phầm mềm brings the most advanced image processing technologies khổng lồ your phone.

Here"s how khổng lồ get Google Camera on your phone.

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What is Google Camera?

Straight out of Google"s cutting-edge research and development division, Google Camera is a camera phầm mềm that first saw the light in năm trước with the launch of Google’s first px phone. Although not having the most advanced camera hardware you would see in other flagship smartphones, the pixel devices are known to lớn produce some of the best thiết bị di động photos.

It demonstrates the need for software to harness every bit out of a phone’s camera. By supplanting your camera’s baked-in app, Google Camera allows you lớn tap into many advanced features, noticeably upgrading the chất lượng of your phone’s image output.

Otherwise, known as Google Camera hack or GCam, the ứng dụng will put your smartphone’s camera khổng lồ work lượt thích never before.

What Makes GCam So Good?

Are Google Camera’s features sufficiently advanced khổng lồ replace your stock camera app? Definitely! Not only will you see an improvement in image quality, you will also expand the mix of options for taking & manipulating images.

The following features make Google Camera so great lớn have:

Slow Motion: Record video clip at either 120 or 240 frames per second (fps), depending on your phone’s capability. An ideal solution to lớn create videos showing off the detail of motion, filling them with the potential to go viral. Motion Photos: Combining the motion of a three-second clip with the phone’s optical image stabilization (OIS) & gyroscope, you can create blur-free đoạn phim snapshots. Lens Blur: Mainly designed for portrait shots, this feature blurs the background, emphasizing & enhancing the object front and center. HDR+: By cleverly employing short exposure times when taking a burst of photos, HDR+ reduces blurring, image noise, và increases dynamic range. Effectively, out of a photo set, the app takes the sharpest image, enhances it algorithmically by processing every single pixel, and picks the màu sắc that matches the average across the photo set. Among many benefits, HDR+ enhances photos under low-light conditions the most. Smart Burst: With the Google Camera installed, your phone will be able to lớn capture about ten photos per second by holding the shutter button. Upon releasing the button, the phầm mềm will automatically pick the best photo out of the set. This is a great feature lớn have when you want khổng lồ eliminate photos of people with their eyes closed! Video Stabilization: By using both OIS và digital đoạn phim stabilization, the ứng dụng processes đoạn phim clips to remove shutter distortion artifacts, & corrects for focus. As a result, you can create pleasingly smooth videos that will not annoy people as you tóm tắt them across social media. Panorama: Most cameras have a panorama feature, but GCam is better than most. Moreover, the Google Camera is not limited by degrees or angles. With it, you can take panoramic shots vertically, horizontally, & wide-angled across the entire 360 degrees span.

Some phones already have some of these features, but Google Camera delivers unrivalled results in almost every area. It upgrades even basic shots, thanks to lớn its HDR & low light performance.

Comparison of Google Camera with Stock Camera

With the Google Camera’s features out of the way, let us see how they translate in practice, compared khổng lồ your baked-in camera app.