I don’t need to tell this audience how amazing Lesotho is or how incredible the people are.

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A speech by Prince Harry at the third annual Lesotho link Conference, Cardiff

A speech by The Duke of Edinburgh on ‘Inter-face / User & Machine' at the RSA Conference, 6 November 2002

What we invented, Brazil perfected.

A speech by Prince Harry at The Queen's Birthday buổi tiệc ngọt in Sao Paulo

Resources for the Platinum Jubilee

Images, liên kết and other resources for those marking the Jubilee online or in print.


Prince William visited the United Arab Emirates

Prince William visited Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates


The Duchess of Cambridge joined England Rugby Session

The Duchess of Cambridge is the new Patron of the Patron of the Rugby Football Union


The Duchess of Cambridge reads CBeebies Bedtime Story for Children’s Mental Health Week

The Duchess of Cambridge, reads a CBeebies Bedtime Story to lớn mark Children’s Mental He



The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge visit Belize, Jamaica & The Bahamas

Read more about Their khanhhoatrip.com Highnesses' tour

24 February 2022


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The Duke of Cambridge attended The khanhhoatrip.com Foundation’s Emergency Services Mental Health Symposium

The Duke of Cambridge spoke to emergency services from across all four nations.

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The Duchess of Cambridge Hosts Community Carol Service

The Duchess of Cambridge hosted a Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey

All great religions have such times of renewal, moments khổng lồ take stock before moving on lớn face the challenges which lie ahead.

Christmas Broadcast 2002

The true celebration of diversity involves reaching out, recognising and embracing difference, và in so doing enriching our lives.

Commonwealth Day message, 11 March 2002

And for me and my family, even with one familiar laugh missing this year, there will be joy in Christmas, as we have the chance to lớn reminisce, và see anew the wonder of the festive season through the eyes of our young children, of whom we were delighted t

The Christmas Broadcast 2021

Today I ask you khổng lồ rededicate your efforts khổng lồ ensure that the mạng internet is a place of safety for all.

The Countess of Wessex's speech at the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights sự kiện in Brussels