Today, the studio Rockstar Games have rolled out the red carpet for players to lớn welcome them back lớn Los Santos as Grand Theft tự động hóa V releases current-generation consoles. With the arrival of Grand Theft Auto khổng lồ PlayStation 5 và Xbox Series X|S, Rockstar is upgrading Los Santos for players to once again take lớn the streets. GTA Online is now separate from Grand Theft tự động hóa V, becoming its standalone title on the newest generation consoles.

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Purchasable upgrades these vehicles

Ubermacht Sentinel XSShitzu Hakuchou DragGrotti Turismo ClassicBravado Banshee

Five new cars to drive in GTA Online

Coil Cyclone IIKarin S95Imponte Aribiter GTPfister Astron CustomPegassi Weaponized Ignus

Making Grand Theft auto Online easier to lớn navigate

Rockstar will now bring the career builder to GTA Online. Offering a brand new set of tools that will help players navigate the world of GTA Online. Choose from one of the four criminal careers: Executive, Gunrunner, Night Club Owner, or Biker. Select properties, powerhouse vehicles, và weaponry khổng lồ get your enterprise started.

New thực đơn design: Bringing easy access to lớn everything GTA Online offers right from the main menu. Check out the latest updates, jump right into heists, races, and adversary modes, or jump directly into không lấy phí mode. Players can also browse the weekly sự kiện offering discounts, 2X GTA$ opportunities, and more.

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Profile migration: Players can now bring their characters to lớn the new generation version of GTA Online, and when they migrate accounts, they will receive an in-game vehicle, the HSW Karin S95. Beware, though. Migrating your PS4 and Xbox One profile will remove it from the previous generation consoles.

After unlocking Hao’s Special Works, returning players from the PS4 and Xbox One will receive a complimentary all-new & fully HSW-upgraded Karin S95. Additionally, players can unlock the dark purple pearl và red prismatic pearl chameleon paints for all HSW-eligible vehicles.

Lastly, for more information regarding Grand Theft auto V. Players can kiểm tra out the Grand Theft tự động V hàng hóa page or the standalone GTA Online. Additional information about the developer Rockstar can be found on their development page.