In the previous article, has discussed the best flashlight apps for android that help you khổng lồ easily see in the darkness. But here you will know the best flash light alert apps to lớn quickly know the incoming calls và SMS. Although the ringtones are enough for this purpose but in some situations the phone’s bell create disturbance for example, you are in the class room, attending the meetings or want khổng lồ concentrate on your study but the constant ringing irritates you so in all these cases flash light alert apps become handy. A flash light will start to blink on the arrival of calls, SMS and notifications. These flash light alert apps also let you lớn set the amounts và time for the flash light even if your sản phẩm điện thoại is on silent & vibration.

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A lot of flash light alert apps may confuse you to select the best one so for your ease has collected the đứng top 7 flash light alert apps for android. Let’s read.



FlashOnCall is very popular flash alert tiện ích that enables you to get the flash alerts on incoming and outgoing calls and messages. The flash lights will blink from 1 khổng lồ 100 times until you attend the calls. The nice thing is that the light will automatically stop in case you have less charging.

Flash Alert : Call và Sms


Ringing Flashlight is an awesome app packed with amazing features. You can adjust the separate flash light frequencies for the calls & messages. If you vày not want to attend the hotline then simply shake your device và the flash light will stop khổng lồ blink. This app also supports the widgets & camera lights.

Flash On Call và SMS Alert


This flash light alert phầm mềm utilizes the camera’s LED flash that will automatically on when someone calls you or send the SMS. You can also select the vibration modes, use the torch và get the blink alerts for the special missed calls. Và if you have the danger to lớn miss the calls then use the best missed hotline alert apps.

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Flash Notification for All App


Along with informing you about the calls and SMS via flash, this phầm mềm also alerts you about the latest updates và notifications related to your favorite apps like facebook, whatsapp và many more. You can set the number và frequency of the flash alerts so your battery will not drain quickly. Anyhow if you want to lớn prolong the battery life then use the best battery saving apps for android.

Flash Alerts 2


Flash Alerts 2 allows you lớn quickly enable or disable the flash lights for the upcoming calls, SMS và status bar notifications. How many times the flash will blink? Will it be strong or weak? All these are up lớn you because this flash light alert app works according to your desires.

Flash On Call


Flash On call will notify you when someone will call you, send the SMS & MMS. It gives you various options such as get the flash alert on normal, vibration và silent modes. This flash alert tiện ích is fully customized and also lets you khổng lồ set the blink intervals & flash amounts.

Flashlight Alert on gọi / SMS


This tiện ích has a user friendly interface and lượt thích the above apps it also lets you to lớn have the flash alerts for the incoming calls & new SMS. You can quickly turn on and off the flash lights, phối the flash amounts, durations và blink intensities etc.

I have tried my best for giving you the best flash light alert apps for apk but if you find something is missing then vị not hesitate to inform the