How to Convert PDF to PPT Free

Select the PDF file you want to lớn convert to lớn PowerPoint.Our PDF khổng lồ PowerPoint converter will turn your PDF into PPT in seconds.Download the PPT file & save it khổng lồ your computer. Remaining uploaded PDF or PPT files will be deleted automatically.

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The Best PDF khổng lồ PPTX Converter

Our online PDF lớn PowerPoint converter is the best available, và you can use it free. Our easy-to-use PDF to PPT converter converts your PDF to lớn a PowerPoint presentation in seconds, while retaining all the original formatting so you can easily edit and make changes lớn your PPT.

Accessible online service

If you can connect to lớn the Internet, then you can use our không lấy phí PDF to PowerPoint converter khổng lồ turn PDF to PPTX or PPT on any device. Our PDF to PowerPoint converter works on any operating system.


By signing up for one of our memberships, you can get instant access to our easy-to-use PDF lớn PPT converter, plus our other helpful tools. Additional perks like the ability lớn convert multiple PDF documents, PPT or PPTX files at once & unlimited data are also available with a membership. Or, keep using our online PDF lớn PPTX converter for free.

Available tools

We have a suite of easy-to-use tools at your disposal. It’s so much more than just a PDF lớn PowerPoint converter, with tools lượt thích compression, merging, splitting, & rotating PDF files khổng lồ make it easy to lớn work with PDF documents like never before.

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Secure downloads và information

When you upload a PDF, PPT, or PPTX tệp tin for conversion, at the time of download, your file will be securely encrypted using 256-bit SSL Encryption. That means your data can’t be used by anyone but you. We also won’t distribute any files or information shared with us khổng lồ anyone else.

Automatically deleted files

Just in case you forget khổng lồ delete any files uploaded khổng lồ our PDF lớn PowerPoint converter, we’ll keep your information safe by automatically deleting any PDF, PPT, or PPTX files.

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