The market demand for developers is growing. Plenty of companies are looking khổng lồ hire a new developer for a project or their team. At the same time, the công nghệ industry is becoming increasingly complex and developers are getting specialized in many disparate areas.

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The market demand for developers is growing. Plenty of companies are looking to lớn hire a new developer for a project or their team. At the same time, the technology industry is becoming increasingly complex & developers are getting specialized in many disparate areas.

Choosing the right people for your company is not an easy task và might be slightly confusing. As a CEO assembling a team of IT specialists for your project, there are four basic roles you should definitely be aware of when discussing a project:


How bởi they differ, what are these specialists responsible for and does your team really need all of them to successfully implement your project? Take this article as a cheat sheet with a rundown of the responsibilities of each developer role and their average salaries.

Who is a front-end developer?

When creating a website or application, the presentation layer is what your users will interact with. Naturally, your designers will be the ones responsible for how the site looks. But at the over of the day, it will be the front-end developer’s job lớn implement the kiến thiết through HTML, CSS, và JavaScript coding skills và get everything lớn work flawlessly. Or, at times, to lớn identify the things that are inefficient lớn implement, & send the thiết kế team back lớn the drawing board if needed.

From the site’s navigation, responsive design, all the way to animations – front-end developers take care of everything that you see và can interact with. In their job, front-end developers most use HTML, CSS, và JavaScript and its various frameworks and libraries.

Front-end technologies

HTMLCSS (and associated technologies, lượt thích Sass và Less)JavaScript

What are the responsibilities of a front-end developer?

Determining the design and architecture of web pagesImproving user experience on the website or appDeveloping new features lớn enhance the user experienceKeeping a balance between aesthetic design và functionalityEnsuring sites are optimized for di động devicesOptimizing websites for speed và scalability

What is the typical paycheck of a front-end developer?

The average salary for a front-end developer is $110,490 per year in the United States. On top of that, developers can count on an extra $2,500 annual cash bonus. The more lucrative jobs pay as much as $180k yearly. The spread is significant, but specialization definitely pays off – knowledge of niche, in-demand technologies can be a plus. For example, expertise in XSLT is rewarded by over 50% higher salaries.

Who is a back-end developer?

While front-end developers are responsible for the visible part of the website or app, back-end developers are responsible for the server-side of things: databases, hệ thống scripts và APIs.

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Just like the very name suggests, back-end developers work “behind the scenes” to lớn make sure everything is running smoothly. Their main focus is on the interactions between the server & the browser/app, & making sure that the vps gives the right information for a given request.

Back-end technologies and skill areas:

NodeJSPythonPHPRuby on RailsServer-side languages (Java, Ruby, or Python, .NET)API communication protocols (REST, SOAP, RPC)Databases (MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer)Servers (Apache, Nginx, IIS servers, Microsoft IIS)

What are the responsibilities of a back-end developer?

Coming up with ways to lớn meet website/app goals (together with front-ends)Storing data và also displaying it to usersDeveloping payment processing systemsManaging APIs resourcesCreating architecture of a system or website

What is the typical paycheck of a back-end developer?

According to the employment trang web Indeed, the salaries for US-based back-end related jobs average around $128k per year, depending on seniority và location. California and Washington are the highest paying states, & salaries there range up to $151k per year.

Who is a full-stack developer?

In a nutshell, full-stack developers are the software industry’s jacks-of-all-trades. Typical full-stack developers combine the skills of front-end and back-end developers.

They can work both on projects that involve databases & algorithms but are also well-versed with user-facing technologies. Full-stack developers are typically familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript languages but also specialize in one or more back-end programming languages lượt thích Ruby or PHP, or Python. Some of them also are experienced in project management, visual design, web design, or user experience skills.

That doesn’t, of course, mean that they are masters at all these technologies và are able to write the whole code all by themselves. In reality, most of them spend the majority of their time as either the Front or back-end developer – but if the need arises, they can also take a look at the other side. This skillset can be very useful for specific jobs.

Full-stack technologies và skills

Front-end technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)Back-end technologies (one or more programming languages, e.g. Python, PHP, Ruby, .Net etc.)Databases, cache and message brokers (MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, Redis)Basic kiến thiết skills as a plus (ideally basic prototype design and UI /UX design skills)Version control systems like GitAPIs (REST & SOAP). Ability khổng lồ create REST & SOAP services is desirable

What are the responsibilities of a full-stack developer?

Creating trang web architecture và user interactions on a websiteWorking together with graphics designersDeveloping back-end trang web applicationsCreating databasesBuilding websites with a focus on cross-platform and responsivenessDesigning & developing APIs

What is the typical paycheck of a full-stack engineer?

According to lớn data, full-stack developers who are experienced in modern cloud technologies và React are in high demand and also some of the best-paid in their field. Salaries average around $111,468 per year in the United States và $4,100 cash bonus per year.